Small & Medium Owner Managed Businesses
We understand that every industry demands a different approach and that every company within these industries needs its own strategic plan, we are best placed to help you achieve.
Not For Profit Organisations
As active members and supporters of numerous charities, Zuizz fully understand the trials that you may be facing and how you can overcome these to realise the appropriate funding for you charity.
Construction & Real Estate
We understand that this is a demanding industry fraught with time constraints but we work with you to ease the pressure and deliver the best support and guidance.
Media & Advertising
From special effects companies to TV and film, Zuizz can offer you well-rounded advice, to help you raise finance, increase royalties and access high profile industry contacts.
IT & Technology
From wholesale to retail sale of equipment and services. Zuizz has helped build company start-ups into successful businesses. We aim to use our experience in the sector to drive your business forward.
Health Care
Many of Zuizz current clients are based in the health care industry. These include owner managed dental and medical practices to Pharmacy owners. We have an expect team dedicated to providing the best possible service to our clients based in the medical sector.
Public Limited Companies
Clients say that Zuizz’ experience and support through the ups and downs of the industry is invaluable. So much, that many clients have been with us for a number of years.
We have experience of dealing with a wide range of clients operating in the Leisure, Hospitality, Food and Drink sectors, ranging from internationally known boutique hotels to local food outlets.
From delivering sound financial advice to putting you in touch with the best contacts, Zuizz will deliver the best possible guidance.
From understanding your temp or perm margins to providing you with back office support solution, Zuizz is the answer to your recruitment sector needs.
Here at Zuizz we play an integral role in helping our clients start and grow their business in various retail environments. We can assist you with the acquisition of a leasehold/freehold property to the general day-to-day running of your business.

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