Payroll Services Company

Payroll is a challenge for a business of any size, whether you’re an independent contractor or a large company. It’s vital to ensure you protect your staff while staying up to date with ever-changing legislation. This is why you need a payroll services company you can rely on. Payroll outsourcing services will take care of any complex issue for you, so you can focus on growing your business. If you’re looking for payroll services in the UK, Zuizz operates out of London catering to a wide range of sectors. Our financial experts have industry-specific experience and offer a tailored service according to your unique needs and requirements.

Professional and reliable payroll services in London

At Zuizz, we provide complete payroll management services. We deal with HMRC and pensions automatic enrolment to ensure your business is fully compliant with legislation. You’ll get your own dedicated payroll expert assigned according to their specific expertise in your field. They will take care of all your payroll responsibilities so you can rest assured your employees are paid correctly on time, every time.

Our Process

As a payroll service company, we handle every step of the process. All you need to do is pass us your data including starters, leavers, and any variable pay information. We then validate this and enter it into our secure system. Your data will be protected with state-of-the-art cloud hosting technology. We then make accurate calculations and send them to you for authorisation. It’s then our job to ensure all your weekly and monthly returns are made so you can concentrate on running your business.

We produce all your employees’ payslips and your payroll reports so you can keep on top of things. At the end of the year, we’ll take care of the year-end procedures and p60s for each individual employee. We also process your RTI submissions and any Bacs payments. Our dedicated financial experts use the latest in HMRC compliant software to complete all reports and relevant documents.

Why choose Zuizz?

By opting for payroll outsourcing services you don’t need to worry about payments being made on time and correctly as we will make them for you. We will relieve you of complicated legislative and regulatory procedures and time-consuming paperwork. We take the headache out of human resources and give you the freedom to focus on your business goals.

Our team at Zuizz Business Services consists of the best financial experts who are equipped to provide you with efficient and cost-effective HR solutions. Our friendly staff are also available for advice and telephone support and can answer any query you may have. We pride ourselves on our excellent customer service and ensure we give all our clients the support they need. Our service is guaranteed and we offer transparency about all pricing, with no hidden extra fees. Don’t let complicated payroll issues get in the way of running your business. If you would like to know more about what payroll outsourcing services can do for you, get in touch today.

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