Financial Management


Whether you would like to continue to perform your own bookkeeping or want us to take the annoyance away from you, we have the tools available to make the process more effective for you. Our team can assist by performing the bookkeeping on your behalf to allow you to focus on running your business or make your existing procedures more automated to reduce time and resources being spent at present. We work with you on each step to ensure that you are completely comfortable with the changes being implemented and are familiar with the new system.

Management Accounts

Do you know how profitable your business is at any given time during your financial year? Are you easily able to identify your most profitable products, months or other business trends that will allow you manage your costs and resources accordingly?

We believe that most businesses require management accounts during their financial year to enable them to make informed decisions about their business. Management Accounts allow you to take timely steps to maximise your business potential and reduce costs during their financial year. Management accounts are produced and presented to you at agreed date (usually within two weeks after the month end) with your account manager providing you commentary on the key areas that require attention.

Most businesses shy away from Management Accounts due to the costs involved however we at Zuizz recognise that and build your fees to incorporate the work that we produce during the year. Therefore, in our fee structure you are merely distributing your year end accounts work and fees across the year and getting management accounts at a monthly basis. However, by paying slightly more than what you would ordinarily pay for year end accounts, you can make a considerable difference to the profitability of your business and know what stage your business is at any point during your financial year.

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