Company Secretarial Services


Company secretarial services are vastly different from the conventional idea of secretarial services. It does not only consist of answering phones and delivering messages. Company secretarial services are concerned with company ownership, bookkeeping, taxes, and many other aspects of the business.

If you want your business to operate to a high standard and ensure the proper running of every financial procedure then a company secretarial service is the answer. You can access these services in several ways, the easiest is to contact Zuizz for a consultation.


A company secretary will be responsible for the ownership records of the company. They will ensure these records or certificates are kept safe and updated if necessary. Ordinarily this process would be left up to company owners or legal representatives.

The advantage of having your company ownership reserved by a company secretary is that you can rely on its safe handling and appropriate use. Your company ownership ultimately determines who owns the company and can be important at certain stages of the business life cycle.


Is your company interested in investing to grow the business? If so it’s a good idea to have a company secretary in charge of the company law to help make important decisions regarding pivotal investments. With a company secretary in your corner the chances of making poor investment choices are slim.

Your company secretary will be in charge of the investment financial, they will declare a dividend, issue new shares or take vital decisions regarding your current investment accounts. All in all a company secretary will optimize your investment strategy for better results.


It is good practice to have a secretary underneath you to facilitate relationships and other matters relating to corporate governance. Sometimes the people and agenda items you are dealing with need a third party to intervene. This is one of the roles of a company secretary.

A professional company secretary will have access to the information necessary to ensure that a director’s decisions are carried out to the letter, and that engagement with shareholders meets the standards of the company’s brand image.


If you want your company to operate effectively you need to ensure you have a proper record kept on all customers, regardless of how far back they reach. There may be a time when you need to access information for tax or legal purposes.

These days effective digital record keeping is also valuable for analytics and data processing. A company secretary can ensure that your records are up to date and nearly stored for access in the future. This kind of management can become a culture at your business thanks to a company secretary.


Zuizz are a company secretarial services london company dedicated to the professional and efficient management of day to day company financial and client relationships. We offer secretarial services that add value to your company and reduce the burden of mundane work, giving you more freedom to grow the business from the front line.

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