About Us

What makes us differents!

The idea of Zuizz came about a few years ago when our director got tired of giving his best in unfulfilling roles across the practice environment and realised that not many in the practice world genuinely cared about their clients’ business! Often these roles will encompass haphazardly putting together historical numbers and letting the clients make sense of them. He realised that there was an opportunity in the market for a company offering a more modern and alternative approach to financial accounting, financial management and client servicing.  

We at Zuizz don’t produce belated historical numbers for you to make you repent decisions you should have taken a few months back! We assume a financial controller position within your business and assist you daily to enable you to excel in three key business goals:

Profit – Maximising your business potential and making the most out of your skills and expertise.

Vision – Providing you with a clear and concise road map on where your business is heading to enable you to plan accordingly.

Growth – Help you build on your resources to achieve growth organically in your business.

Our smallest client has a turnover of a few thousands a year whilst our biggest client is listed on the New York Stock Exchange. We cherish all our clients equally. No business is too small or too big for us!

Our Team

Our team at Zuizz consists of the best finance individuals carefully selected to match our business ethos. We move away from the typical stereotype boring accountant’s image and provide you with dynamic individuals with not only the best finance but also business expertise.

We consider our team to be the biggest asset of our organisation and ensure that they are trained, developed and nurtured to be the best accountants in the country.


We are growing business always looking for talented individuals. If you are looking for a day job to pay the bills and do the minimum required, we are not the right fit for you. However, if you want to excel, grow and push to make the most of your abilities please send your CV to careers@zuizz.co.uk

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